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They're a little smaller than the picture would lead you to believe so pay attention to the measurements. That said they're square within my ability to measure and seem plenty sturdy. For the price I'm very happy. I bought two sets and may pick up more as we have a large welding project currently. Being able to stabilize multiple joints at once with these squares and clamps is really helpful.

Deadwood Crafted Tools 3D Wood Corner Clamp Kit

I bought this pedal primarily to help me turn on/off my small Bosch trim router. I built a routing fence for it, but that made getting to the power switch a little awkward (the tool is turned upside down, so to turn it on/off, I have to duck and reach under the fence to do so), so this pedal comes in SUPER handy for that. The pedal is light in weight, but it appears to have been built using a high quality plastic. Another thing I LOVE about it is that the base has screw holes for you to mount it somewhere - I plan on making a wood base with some type of rubber material to put underneath to keep it from sliding around the floor. I only have a need for one of them, but wouldn't hesitate to buy multiple units if I had the need, nice pedal switch!

DCT Foot Operated On Off Switch Foot Pedal Switch - 115V 15